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Our Counselling Team

Tanya Bedford

Since early in adolescence, I loved to journey alongside people as they worked through hurts and challenges in life.  I was also, for awhile, fascinated with the science of Engineering. Because I loved both science and the humanities, I first graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and worked within the field of oil and gas for 5 years as a project manager. I grew aware that my fascination with Engineering science had waned but my gift for journeying with people had not. So I completed a Masters in Counselling Psychology at Trinity Western University.   Since then, I have strived to be present through meaningful and transformative experiences in counselling clients.

My specialization has grown through the years in unique therapies for dissociation, trauma and abuse, depression and anxiety and attachment struggles.  These therapies include EMDR, OEI, CBT and some neurofeedback. I am most influenced by existentialism and Virginia Satir's model of transformational Family systems therapy.

Susan Lee

Susan (Sue) Lee has lived and worked in Prince George since 1997. She can provide counselling sessions Tuesdays 9am-6pm for individuals (teens and adults) and couples utilizing body-based and experiential techniques for relaxation, emotion regulation and safety and stabilization of self.

In collaboration with clients, she likes to work from a variety of therapeutic modalities such as EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing), EFT (emotion-focused therapy) and CBT (cognitive behavioral) that are trauma informed, experiential, solution-focused and empowering. Her hope is that people with leave therapy with a better understanding of themselves and their experiences and equipped with personal strategies to manage stress, mood, addictions, or complicated relationships.

She has completed a Master of Education, Counsellling (MEd, CCC) from UNBC, an undergraduate degree in Family Science and Psychology from UBC and Level II training in EMDR. She loves her family, fat biking, friends and food.

Leslie Budac

Leslie is a licensed member of the Canadian Professional Counselling Association (CCC). She has worked in Prince George for over 20 + years as a licensed teacher and counsellor.  Leslie graduated with her Masters of Education, specializing in Counselling from the University of Northern British Columbia.

As a young adult Leslie worked as a church missionary which formed her passion to help and guide others in a compassionate, empathic and confidential manner. This allows clients the freedom to explore obstacles, concerns and daily challenges releasing them to reach their optimum potential. She will assist individuals developing their goals and help them explore strategies and techniques in a loving, friendly environment.

She works comfortably in her practice with children, teens and adults integrating the therapies of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Observed Experiential Integrative (OEI), Solution Focused (SBT) and Cognitive Behavioral (CBT).  She uses her experience to supports adults, youth, teens and young children with trauma, anxiety, sleep disturbances, posttraumatic stress, complex trauma, depression and other ailments.

Our Massage Team

Myron Bedford

Myron is a BC registered massage therapist and a nationally registered sport massage certification candidate. His motto is “It doesn’t have to hurt to heal”. He is active with numerous sporting group working with individuals and teams ranging in skill from professional to recreational. Although sport is a passion, he is skilled to deal with all ages and many different conditions. He lives in Prince George with his wife Tanya and two children.

Our Osteopathy Team

Myron Bedford

Myron graduated with his doctor of osteopathy from the New University of Medical Sciences - Spain in 2017. He has been developing his manual practice skills for 11 years as a massage therapist and is now adding to his skills. His goal is to improve the lives of all his clients.

Our Administrative Team

Laura-Marie Martin

A graduate of BCIT ( Marketing & Small Business Management) and Sprott Shaw College ( Medical Office Assistant), she is invested in helping people achieve wholeness through supporting the work that BITS is dedicated to. She moved to Prince George from Vancouver, with her husband and two children, in 2011 and loves the people and lifestyle here.

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