Krystal is a Functional Nutrition Therapist, which is a career that has become her calling, after she made an incredible recovery from debilitating symptoms and 4 rare chronic illnesses. Through her own health journey, Krystal has become passionate about treating mental health and illness differently. Her therapy is based on her background in psychology, mental health and trauma, along with the principals of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition. It is deeply rooted in scientific evidence. She emphasizes a natural approach to restoring optimal functioning in your body and works to resolve the root cause, not chase symptoms! She focuses on nourishment, not diets, and adding in, not restricting. Food is medicine. Mindset is medicine. Lifestyle is medicine. Together, we have the power to restore, balance, heal and create. When she is not in the clinic, Krystal can be found spending time with her amazing family, outside in nature, being active, cultivating balance, loving and appreciating life like never before.



Individual RESET Session : $125.00 (Are you curious about how Functional Nutrition can help you heal? Book this session with Krystal to see how this therapy can help you harness the incredible power of the mind-body connection and set the stage for restoring balance, well-being and healing.)

YSM In-Person ( 4 week course): $210.00 (This 4-part information series introduces you to the NEW PARADIGM and the importance that the subconscious brain and body systems play in your physical and mental health.It will provide practical tools for immediate use; you will be introduced to the “inner workings” of your mind and body.)

YSM Online ( Basic Package): $47.00

Individual FN Session : $125.00 (A personalized approach to healing that focuses on nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and the autonomic nervous system. Based on the principals of Functional Medicine, the focus is on restoring optimum functioning in the body and working to resolve the root cause, not chase symptoms.)

RESET( 8 week course): $900  (Reset your nervous system. Rewire your brain. Refresh your life)