Our Manual Osteopathy Team

Myron Bedford

Myron graduated with his doctorate of osteopathy from the National University of Medical Sciences – Spain in 2017. He has been developing his manual practice skills for 11 years as a massage therapist and is now adding to his skills. His goal is to improve the lives of all his clients.

Functional Nutrition

Krystal Sarasin

Krystal is a Functional Nutrition Therapist, which is a career that has become her calling, after she made an incredible recovery from debilitating symptoms and 4 rare chronic illnesses. Through her own health journey, Krystal has become passionate about treating mental health and illness differently. Her therapy is based on her background in psychology, mental health and trauma, along with the principals of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition. It is deeply rooted in scientific evidence. She emphasizes a natural approach to restoring optimal functioning in your body and works to resolve the root cause, not chase symptoms! She focuses on nourishment, not diets, and adding in, not restricting. Food is medicine. Mindset is medicine. Lifestyle is medicine. Together, we have the power to restore, balance, heal and create. When she is not in the clinic, Krystal can be found spending time with her amazing family, outside in nature, being active, cultivating balance, loving and appreciating life like never before.

Our Counselling Team


Greg Wiebe

Greg is familiar with how unpredictable life can get. He knows what it means to feel stuck, and to not know how to get unstuck. He also gets how disheartening it can be to feel disconnected from others or even ourselves. That’s what Greg loves about counselling. He continues to find that problems become more bearable and more quickly resolved when we have someone to work on them with.

Although just recently completed his Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Greg has been providing social, emotional, and spiritual support to incarcerated individuals, correctional officers, and colleagues since 2015. He regularly works with trauma-survivors. Greg believes in the power of relationship and has a knack for meeting people right where they’re at.


Johan Greyling, Intern Counsellor

Offering a gentle listening presence, Johan will help you explore the challenges life is bringing you and find ways to shift to more joy. As Johan shifts his psychology career to more counselling, he brings the wisdom of experience to his practicing of the specific counselling techniques of Satir, Polyvagal theory and other strategies under supervision by Tanya Bedford.


Sara Laity

I have lived and worked in Prince George for 25 years. Having completed a bachelor’s degree in Counselling, I have had the privilege of working in several different areas over the years including social assistance, homelessness, addiction, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, psychosis,eating disorders, and autism. Trauma has often  been an underlying theme for people I have worked with and I have developed a deep interest in learning how trauma effects the brain and nervous system and the various ways that people can find healing and relief. I am passionate about supporting and walking alongside others as they strive toward healing and wholeness. I am trained in EMDR and Lifespan Integration Therapy, I also draw from other therapeutic approaches in my work including Somatic Experiencing, Emotion Focused Family Therapy, CBT,DBT and ACT. Additionally, I have spent the last few years working with several neurodiverse woman gaining further knowledge and experience of how autism often presents differently in girls and women and how better to support them.

Miranda Gratten

Miranda offers a focussed approach for in-person counselling in Somatic Experiencing, a body-orientated therapeutic model that helps to heal trauma and other conditions related to stress. She has deep respect for the unique wisdom, insight, strengths, and internal/external resources that the people she works with bring to their lives and the process of healing or change. She holds care & respect for the beautiful and unceded ancestral lands, culture and people of the Lheidli T’enneh. Miranda is registered with the British Columbia College of Social Workers (#13881), & has over 10 years of experience working with children, youth, adults, families, and professional communities in various areas of focus, including mental health, substance use, grief, chronic stress, and trauma. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) after completing the 3-year program with Somatic Experiencing International (SEI). SEI is the leading authority on the Somatic Experiencing method. Miranda is also a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), which is an internationally respected organization supporting quality assurance in the practice, research, and teaching of Motivational Interviewing; a strengths-based person-centered counselling modality. Outside of work, Miranda has a deep love for family, friends that have become family, travel adventures, photography, paddle boarding, and being outdoors

Leanne Dyck, BA (honours), MACP

Are you sensing blocks or major hurdles on your path toward peace, joy, or relational thriving? I offer a gentle, caring presence on your journey toward facing & moving those boulders. This might include trauma, childhood wounds, or unhelpful patterns of thinking or behaving impacting if you can flourish today. Symptoms of distress in everyday life like anxiety or depression can provide powerful clues about where we need to focus our healing exploration. I also provide tools for understanding our body’s responses to stress & ways to cope with the daily challenges while doing deep processing of past wounds. I am trained as a Level II EMDR therapist – a well-researched, body-based power therapy that helps you work through trauma with safety, support, & effectiveness. As a person of deep faith, a mother of 4 young adults, and wife of a pastor for 27 years, I offer experience in many elements of life’s journey. I integrate counselling modalities like CBT, polyvagal theory, & internal family systems for clients with neurodiversity, couples, children & teens. Each client is a unique and amazing individual, worthy of the time & effort to explore and transform areas of challenge to places of growth & health—How can I join you on your healing journey?

Tanya Bedford

Offering clinical supervision

Since early in adolescence, I loved to journey alongside people as they worked through hurts and challenges in life. I was also, for awhile, fascinated with the science of Engineering. Because I loved both science and the humanities, I first graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and worked within the field of oil and gas for 5 years as a project manager. I grew aware that my fascination with Engineering science had waned but my gift for journeying with people had not. So I completed a Masters in Counselling Psychology at Trinity Western University. Since then, I have strived to be present through meaningful and transformative experiences in counselling clients.

My specialization has grown through the years in unique therapies for dissociation, trauma and abuse, depression and anxiety and attachment struggles. These therapies include EMDR, OEI, CBT and some neurofeedback. I am most influenced by existentialism and Virginia Satir’s model of transformational Family systems therapy.

Nancy Alexander 

Nancy Alexander has lived and worked in Prince George since 1989. She has been a counsellor with children, youth, individuals and families for over 25 years.    Nancy is also a certified teacher and has been a mediator with BCTF for 9  years. She has taught and counselled in elementary and high schools. As a workplace consultant and EFAP counsellor, she has provided counselling, mediation, and consulting regarding critical incidents, harassment, substance abuse, health and safety, mood disorders, marriage and family difficulties, parenting, child and adolescent development, grief and loss, anxiety, anger, depression and gender issues.  Nancy has worked with different agencies and  government services such as Forensics, MCFD, Alcohol and Drug services, Therapeutic Home Outreach, MCFD, and UNBC. Nancy provides workshops for parents,  students and staff groups. Nancy’s counselling strategies focus on solution  focused, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational change, mindfulness, EMDR, sand play and art therapy, conflict resolution and strength based change.  Nancy believes in the power of a growth mindset and the possibility of change. She has 4 grown children and grandchildren. Nancy holds a master’s degree in counselling,  a teacher’s certificate and is certified in EMR therapy.  Nancy is an active member of the BC School Counsellors Association and the BC Clinical Counsellors Association. Nancy enjoys spending time kayaking, sailing, and paddle boarding at the family cabin, as well as gardening, skiing, and dog walking. Work life balance is a constant   goal!

Our Massage Team



Coelle Glazier

Coelle received her Massage Registration May 2022. She graduated from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon and is happy to be back in her hometown of Prince George. She offers myofascial release,
neuromuscular therapy, muscular tension relief, and more. She accepts prenatal and postnatal clients, children, and provides everyone with a safe space. Coelle has been familiarizing herself with the walking trails nearby, broadening her knowledge with reading, or spending lost time with family and friends.

Emily Fleming

Emily is an RMT who is also working towards her nursing degree. She is available for massage clients throughout the year with a limited schedule. Emily is taking on new clients, call and book a massage with her today!

Myron is a BC registered massage therapist and a nationally registered sport massage certification candidate. His motto is “It doesn’t have to hurt to heal”. He is active with numerous sporting group working with individuals and teams ranging in skill from professional to recreational. Although sport is a passion, he is skilled to deal with all ages and many different conditions. He lives in Prince George with his wife Tanya and two children

Our Administrative Team

Lea Stewart, Office Coordinator

Leanne(Lea) was born in Kelowna but raised in Prince George for the last 44 years. Lea was a Retail manager for the last 24 years and joined us the beginning of Nov 2023. When she is not working she enjoys, dancing, reading, camping and spending time with her cats, husband and her friends.

Our other friendly people here to help you:

Ophelia Guerra

Tenika Van Koughnett

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