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Your Subconscious Mind


  • symptoms are to be managed or suppressed
  • the body is malfunctioning, failing us, or broken
  • diagnoses, pathologizes and believes these labels and symptoms are permanent   


  • Symptoms are a message from your body
  • Curiosity about your body and symptoms
  • Survival patterns formed by our environment and experiences can create symptoms
  • Your body is protecting you
  • We have an innate ability to heal and the body WANTS to heal


This 4 part information series introduces you to the NEW PARADIGM and the importance that the subconscious brain and body systems play in your physical and mental health.

It will provide practical tools for immediate use, you will be introduced to the “inner workings” of your mind and body.

You will learn about:

Neuroplasticity – Change your brain to change your life

Your survival brain – your limbic system and your survival patterns

Your autonomic nervous system – the Greatest Pharmacy in the world.

Epigenetics– Your DNA is not your destiny.


Empowered parents

Form a healthy relationship between child and parent.

You will learn NEW tools and strategies for everyday life with children.

Learn about BIG emotions, Neuroplasticity, Family patterns, Anxiety, and communications.

Couple's Communication

A fun 6 week in-person counsellor facilitated workshop for you both that covers:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Communication Styles
  • Working with Emotion
  • Tools for Connection
  • Nervous Systems

We help people find relief from both emotional and physical pain and discomfort.

Many have been frustrated and discouraged… almost giving up hope. Then they contacted us!

We are a Scent Free clinic!

Thank you for respecting those sensitivities, allergies, asthma or other medical conditions.

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